Bloody Caesar Firebarns

Bloody Caesar Firebarns

It is the aperitif par excellence, even more the summer around the barbecue. A good Bloody Caesar (or Bloody Mary for an alcohol-free version), with local spices and pickled beans. Nothing better to accompany a good pulled pork burger, for example.

The Bloody Caesar Firebarns mix is a perfect tomato and clam cocktail to make this famous cocktail. Add the alcohol of your choice (vodka or gin) to the mixture as well as theBloody spices on the edge of the glass and you're done.

Note that it is an artificial flavor of clams that is used inside the mixture, which makes it a 100% vegan product.



  1. Dip rim of glass in lemon juice, then in Firebarns spices;
  2. Place a few ice cubes at the bottom of the glass;
  3. Add the marinated beans;
  4. In a shaker, combine vodka or gin with Bloody Caesar mix with ice;
  5. Pour into the glass and enjoy.


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