Know how to adapt to the market

The entrepreneur must constantly adapt to market trends and the needs of his customers if he wants to

In the food sector, it is now necessary to reduce its waste, the potential allergens that may be contained in the product, and to offer high quality products whose origin of ingredients is known.

Here are two examples where women entrepreneurs have been able to realign their business to market trends in order to achieve success.

Caroline and Véronique are two sisters from a family of entrepreneurs. In 2018, they bought a company of organic and allergen-free soft bars and cereals and breathed new life into it. They redesign the entire branding, from name to logo, to colors, and keep customers' favorite products, but most importantly, their tender bars are now among the only ones not individually wrapped and available in bulk. Following the trend of zero waste, bars and cereals fromde Snack Tonik are now available in 30 zero-waste grocery stores at a total of 50 points of sale in Quebec. In addition, in order to keep up with the multisnacking trend, the Joubert sisters have also launched snackdépôt, an online store that allows customers to have custom-made boxes of healthy snacks delivered to them. So: zero waste, vegan, organic, gluten-free, allergen-free and multisnacking. Who says better In terms of adapting to your market, it's hard to find a better example.e.


Catherine Veilleux is the 4e generation of entrepreneurs in his family, who work in funeral expenses. But Catherine dreamed of having her own project, of building everything from A to Z. Epicurean at heart, it was after several gastronomic trips that she decided on olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Passionate about the origin of each product and their different flavors, and detecting the growing popularity of Mediterranean food, she soon began to import high quality products, mainly from Italy, then she opened a first store in St-Georges-de-Beauce. , then a second in Lévis, where it also offers a showcase for other local products. But she quickly realizes that her own products produits Olives and delicacies are more successful than the other products offered in her stores, and in order to focus 100% on her growth, she decides not to renew her leases and instead to distribute her products in various points of sale in addition to selling them in line. Its olive oils and balsamic vinegars are now also available in bulk at several points of sale in Quebec, following the trend of zero waste. Catherine has also developed her own differentiating element: the marriages between oils and flavored vinegars. She has therefore designed tasting boxes where they suggest mixtures of oils and vinegars that go marvelously well together and transform any dish into a true gastronomic work.ique.

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