Passion or reason?

In my books and in my lectures, I often say that it is better to listen to your reason than your passion to start a business. But sometimes passion works!!

The story of Long live the spices, it is that of Chantal Couture, passionate about cooking and the art of hospitality. For her, each meal is a creation, like a work of art.rt.

It is this passion that led her to create her own homemade spice blends and to want them to benefit busy families to simplify the preparation of everyday meals. Her wish is to bring everyone together around the table to share and eat a tasty meal, which did not take hours to prepare.rer.

Long live the spices is a family business that has been in existence for 22 years now.

I've had the chance to try them for a few weeks now and the whole family love them. You know I cook a lot, but it also has to be simple for everyday meals. By adding Chantal's spices to the menu, each dish turns into a gourmet dish, and children want more..

I added the range Black shankat my site, perfect for seasoning lamb, steak and chicken dishes, but also tofu and vegetables..

Enjoy your meal!

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