The history of Café Steel Pot

The companySteel Pot Coffee was founded in 2017 by veteran Dominic April and active soldier Christian Thibault, both members of the very famous Royal 22l 22e Regiment in order to give back to their brothers and sisters in arms..

How Well, 1 per bag sold goes into a fund that helps veterans and military families in need. Whether it is to help a psychologically injured veteran, who has difficulty finding accommodation, or even the wife of a soldier with cancer,er, Steel Pot Coffee will always be there to help his community.

This idea came to them when the principle already existed in the United States. Dominic therefore shared the idea with his brother-in-arms Christian, mentioning that they could give back directly to the military community while sharing his reality with the public. Christian therefore took over the administrative side and Dominic started to produce logos and texts in order to kick off the company Café Steel Pot.. 

The military community is very important for the two accomplices ofSteel Pot Coffee. We also note on the Facebook page of Café Steel Pot that the military community and veterans are in the forefront, whether in image or text.e.

Why Café Steel Pot At the time, in the Canadian armed forces, the steel helmet, before the advent of Kevlar, was nicknamed Steel Pot. This famous steel helmet was sometimes used in the field or on the battlefield to boil water either for shaving, grooming in the field and / or even for making an early coffeeatinal …

The brands of Café Steel Pot,original mix orStand to are mixtures worthy of those who served under the flags.

Today, the adventure continues for the two friends who are helping their veteran and military community by selling their products online at and by providing a few catering and commercial banners.s.

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