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Le repeat business

Repeat business

Convincing a customer to buy our products is difficult and it takes marketing, often up to 6x before the customer decides to make a purchase!

It takes perseverance!

Once convinced, he must now be convinced to redeem once, twice or even several times.

Why? Because this client will become a brand ambassador. This customer is a satisfied customer and he repeats it to everyone..

You don't have a repeat business You are in danger. This means several things: your products are not of high quality, too expensive, delivery may be too long, follow-ups lacking, etc..

However, if your raterepeat business is too high, it means that you are leaving business on the table because you are not doing enough marketing to recruit new customers and this is also essential for the sustainability of the business.e.

I have been maintaining my site for almost a year now and I am very proud of my raterepeat business.

I haven't reinvented the world of maple syrup, I just presented it to you differently and I make sure to deliver it to you in less than 24 hours with competitive prices.

I intend to do the same with the honey products.

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