The winding journey of the entrepreneur

In our dreams of being a little entrepreneurial guy, it's simple: we have an idea and we are so brilliant that we are just going to make a business plan or not and we are going to become a millionaire.ire.

What am I saying Sky is the limit! We are going to become a billionaire!!

When you start a business, you believe that you will be successful quickly and that the money will arrive in 3 months. The reality is that we see the light appear around the 3rd year. And it is only around the 6th or 7th year that one can live comfortably from it.nt.

UNDZ was introduced to us in 2013 and, quickly, we saw huge potential in this company. We invest in the company and, a few months later, Steve, one of the 2 founders, tells us that he has cancer.cer.

Already starting a business and opening doors to promote the brand is quite complicated. Now Steve is fighting for his life.vie.

He now has to go to the hospital for radiation and chemo treatments for over 40 hours a week..

We have barely invested in the company. We quickly understand that our investment has become a statistic..

When investing in businesses, 7x out of 10 businesses will close or go bankrupt, 2 will do well and 1 business will be a homerun..

I remember seeing Steve between his treatments, he felt he owed us one and he came to meetings anyway..

It didn't make sense!!

As Steve fought for his life, the company floated. None of the investors could take over.

In the dawn of 2016, I don't follow up too much with UNDZ anymore, I had other things to

But Steve was now cured of his cancer and determined to relaunchUNDZ.

Steve is a fighter and he opens doors. We are now present in several surf shops across Canada and the USA, Empire, Zumiez, the Simons house, as well as an online presence. (

Steve is also the fanatic behind the designs of our underwear..

Plain underwear is okay, but trust me when I hit the gym or swimming it's always the pull to see what underwear I'm going to wear. yes yes, we are the same guys toos aussi)

Today, Steve's wife is expecting her 2nd child and the company is growing by leaps and bounds..

The entrepreneurial journey is also that!!

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