The birth of a business

A business comes into the world in 2 ways: either from a passion or from a problem.

Tomorrow will mark the first anniversary of my online store

Yes, I had a passion for producing maple syrup, but above all I had one problem: I didn't know who to sell it to!

So I was accumulating.

Then, my coordinator told me: why don't we set up an online store?

I told him it will never work! Well, I was wrong. I am optimistic by nature, but realistic.

At first, we only offered syrup in gallons, then we added maple butter, then sugar. Then I wanted to give visibility to my other companies, Boostmi and Undz, as well as to my books, and that also worked.

Then entrepreneurs approached us to sell their products on the site and we created the discovery section. Another success!

Last June, we launched the Maple Box - which you can receive as a subscription or individually. I ordered 1000 of them thinking I was going to be good for 3 years ... 6 months later, I just placed a new order for 5000 boxes!

The same goes for the dragon beard. I just bought a new machine and just ordered my preprinted jars.

The quantity 30,000!!

At the rate things are going, I don't even know if it's going to be good for a year.

Cotton candy makes you smile, but maple cotton candy - not with the maple flavor here at LÉRABLE! -, it takes champagne with thata !

The role of an entrepreneur is to offer products that follow the trends and to talk to you about them. Most of my package ideas come from customers.

For example, thethreesome, it's a customer who asked us for a $ 20 gift wrap to give to his employees. We found it beautiful, so we put it on the site .... and boom! The quantity sold in a week more than 300!!

For a year now, the expedition has been done from my house in Montreal, but that is no longer possible, because it has become too big. So I'm going to do it from 2 places now.

I haven't reinvented anything with maple products, there is nothing new about me, but the reason for the rapid growth is simple: the customer first. When a customer places an order on my store, it's a real upheaval, we have to do it as quickly as possible in order to have it delivered as if it were at the counter.

Some would say, it's easy for you François, you are famous.

This is true for building trust, but it ends there if my products are not of high quality and the service is poor.

So today I took the Boostmi trailer to bring delivery boxes to my farm to have the 2nd place to send your products.

Thank you for a wonderful year.

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